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Sorority t-shirt quilts

sorority t-shirt quiltsOur sorority t-shirt quilts are created using a mosaic pattern, so they are sure to look unique and stand out from the crowd. And they will look good no matter whether the shirts are like-new or well worn.

If you are looking for a way to remember your college years (or your daughter’s college years), let Campus T-Shirt Quilts create a quilt with all of your sorority t-shirts.

We will combine shirts from all of your sorority events and any other t-shirts you’ve collected over the years and turn them into a beautiful quilt using our custom mosaic style.

Your sorority t-shirts help you remember some of the best times of your life – the events you attended, the places you visited, and so much more. Keep those memories out of a drawer and in a place where you can be reminded of those great memories every day of your life.

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Here are some examples that we have made in past years.

Delta Delta Delta t-shirt quilt

sorority t-shirt quilt

alpha gamma delta t-shirt quilt

These make a great graduation gift or a great Christmas gift for your kids or grandkids. Or even yourself.

If you’ve looked into making your own t-shirt quilt, it can be a daunting task. Do you really have time for that? Why not make it easy and let Cindy Swanson and Campus T-Shirt Quilts handle everything. We’ve been making t-shirt quilts since 1999, so we know what we’re doing. Your t-shirts will be in great hands with us.

We’ll make this as easy as possible for you. Just send us your shirts and your deposit, and you’ll be just days away from having an amazing quilt that you’ll keep for a lifetime.

For more information on Campus T-Shirt quilts and sorority t-shirt quilts, please visit our About page. If you have questions, check out our frequently asked questions or please contact us. Ready to order? Visit our pricing page to see our order form.