Campus T-Shirt Quilts by Cindy Swanson

May 20, 2020

  • Campus T-Shirt Quilts is STILL creating graduation t-shirt quilts through social distancing. Safe practices for drop-off and return are in place. These keepsakes are proving to be a huge comfort to seniors during this season of uncertainty.
  • Approximately six weeks for product turn around.

PDF Order Form: CTSQ2020 Order Form

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Graduation T-shirt quilt
Graduation t-shirt quilt with black border


About Campus T-Shirt Quilts

Campus T-Shirt Quilts (CTSQ) started as a hobby in 2009 and quickly became a full-time job for Cindy Swanson in 2012. After years in various professional capacities, Cindy says she has found her calling.

“I love the joy I’m able to bring to others by creating something special out of the cherished memories each t-shirt holds. It makes me incredibly happy to see customers overjoyed at the finished product – years of memories in one place.” ~ Cindy Swanson | Founder | Owner |

Cindy makes fabulous t-shirt quilts from YOUR t-shirts! Since 2009, Campus T-Shirt Quilts have been sewn together with care and served customers in forty-three states. Cindy designs them to be great mosaic t-shirt quilts for you to keep forever! Commonly crafted products include graduation, memory, and themed quilts. CTSQ is open, willing, and able to create unique styles that fit YOU!

What makes CTSQ products unique is the fact Cindy never irons stiff interfacing on the back of t-shirts. As a result, customer’s t-shirt quilts will be soft, relaxed and perfectly meld to your body. You’ll use your new quilt for everything from picnicking, tailgating, or dorm room ensemble, to making a blanket fort with kids.  Your friends and family will laugh, reminisce, and love hearing stories associated with your shirts!

See Cindy in action on  KCCI’s news story on Campus T Shirt Quilts. She is an expert at making perfectly designed t-shirt quilts as shown by her precision balancing colors, unrivaled attention to details, and accuracy with customized requests.

Campus T-shirt Quilts’ photo gallery will show you a great variety of cherished projects!  Visualize your own t-shirts sewn together in a powerfully, memorable way. What kind of t-shirt quilt would you like created?

Graduation | Memory | Themed | Other