Campus T-Shirt Quilts by Cindy Swanson

April 1st is tomorrow!

No foolin’, these are unusual times! Please know:

I will get your graduate’s quilt to you by the end of May if you order by April 10th.

I will extend my $30 off any size quilt-promo through the end of April 2020.

Safe social distancing practices are in place.

Now is the time to do little things to feel better. Be sure to put a bear in your front window for kids and families to go on a Bear Hunt in your neighborhood. I donated 20 yards of fabric to my local quilt gild. They are working hard on making medical masks. They have even received CDC approval on one of their designs.

I’ve driven to the nearby retirement community and parked out front. I called and waved at my 92 year old, friend from her window. She doesn’t have a computer, no visitors are allowed in the building, and all residents are discouraged from leaving their apartments. She was happy to see me from the window and I was happy to see her!

Let’s think up positive things…little things can make a great impact.

Cindy Swanson

The quilt below was done for a volleyball, player and champion.

Order form pdf here: CTSQ2020Order Form with “next step” instructions in the lower right side. Ship them to my address. If you’re local you can drop your shirts off at my front door or schedule a time to meet with me. Contact me with questions!


View examples of our Graduation t-shirt quilts

Example of t-shirt quilts made by Campus T-shirt Quilts

Campus T-shirt quilts were the topic of KCCI’s news story on Campus T Shirt Quilts. It’s very exciting that KCCI in Des Moines, Iowa, featured CTSQ on early morning news! Cindy Swanson is an expert at making perfectly designed t shirt quilts.  Colors are balanced by Cindy and she’ll pay attention to details, too. As a result, your t shirts will look great in a quilt even if they are well loved and worn out! Make this a gift for yourself from saved sorority t-shirts, running shirts from races, vacation locations, or send in your graduating high school or college senior’s shirts to make a great gift for your special graduate.

Cindy will transform your treasured t shirts into a great T-shirt quilt, guaranteed!

NEW MEMORY QUILTS! We can make a memory quilt from ties, dress shirts, jeans and more.

About Campus T-Shirt Quilts

CTSQ make fabulous t-shirt quilts from YOUR t-shirts! Since 2009, Campus T-Shirt Quilts have been sewn together with care. Cindy designs them to be great mosaic t shirt quilts, and memory t shirt quilts for you to keep forever. Especially relevant is the fact Cindy never irons stiff interfacing on the back of t-shirts. As a result, customer’s t-shirt quilts will be soft and perfect for relaxing on the couch.  You’ll use your new quilt for picnicking, tailgating, dorm room bed or futon, or even tent making over a card table with the grand kids.  Your friends and family will also love hearing the stories associated with your t shirts!

50 states t-shirt quilt
All fifty states visited and District of Columbia, too!
Hard Rock Cafe T-shirt quilt
Hard Rock Cafe T-shirt quilt
t-shirt quilt, college t-shirt quilt, graduation t-shirt quilt, UofI T-shirt quilt
Have a Campus T-shirt Quilt made from your favorite, team t-shirts.
Braves baseball t-shirt quilt
Braves baseball t-shirt quilt

Campus T-shirt Quilts’ photo gallery will show you a great variety of cherished projects!  Visualize your own T-shirts sewn together in a powerfully, memorable way. What kind of t-shirt quilt would you like created? Maybe you’ll like a movie t-shirt quilt, Harley Davidson t-shirt quilt, Army t-shirt quilt, or sorority t-shirt quilt from treasured and saved T-shirts in your closet?  You’d surely like to have a warm and cozy t-shirt quilt rather than drawers and closets full of t shirts that are too special to throw away. Also, your t-shirt quilt will get so many memories in the same place.

Visit CTSQ’s order tab for more information.

Most noteworthy, it only takes as little as one week’s time (usual time frame is 6 weeks) before you’ll have your dream, t-shirt quilt! While you wait, Campus T-shirt Quilts will be creating your masterpiece! CTSQ wants to hear from you! Please contact us if you have any questions or want to be sure there is a real person behind this URL!