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Graduation t-shirt quilts

Graduation t-shirt quilts make a perfect gift for your high school or college student.

Allow them to take all the memories of their high school or college days with them in a format that they will cherish forever. Give them a custom-made, mosaic quilt as a graduation gift.

Here are several examples of graduation quilts that we have made over the years at Campus T-Shirt Quilts. Want more information about us? Check out our about us page and then contact us with any questions.

Graduation T-shirt quilt
Graduation t-shirt quilt with black and blue borders.
Here is a graduation t-shirt quilt in progress:

High school graduation t-shirt quilts:

High school graduation, t-shirt quilt.
t shirt quilt
Graduation t-shirt quilt.
high school t-shirt quilt; graduation t-shirt quilt
Whether you wait or have your keepsake made right away, it’s always worth it!
2018 graduate and her keepsake t shirt quilt
T-shirt quilts are just as popular with boys as girls.
T-shirt quilts are just as popular with boys as girls.

College graduation t-shirt quilts

College graduation is an important time in anyone’s life. Unfortunately, you can’t wear those college t-shirts forever (or can you!?).

Turn your college grad’s t-shirts from events, clubs and organizations into a college graduation t-shirt quilt that will help them remember their college days for a lifetime.

Baseball t-shirt quilt

East Carolina t-shirt quilt

Nebraska quilt

Iowa Hawkeyes quilt

Graduation quilt detail
Big 12 conference t shirt quilt

Iowa State Cyclones graduation quilt

South Dakota t-shirt quilt

Our graduation t-shirt quilts are made with care. Contact us today for more information. Or check out your quilt options on our t-shirt quilt pricing page.