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Keeping it Green

We’re Keeping it Green at Campus T Shirt Quilt! 

Phase One: Let me say that your decision to have a t-shirt quilt made is the first phase of our green effort.  You’re a recycler of t-shirts if you’re having a t-shirt quilt made.  You are repurposing those pesky t-shirts into a useful rememberance of happy times and great memories!

We cut out just the printed parts of your shirts so you’ll have a t-shirt quilt with evenly spaced designs.  Your printed designs float and center-up within the quilt templates.  We use custom sized quilt templates in about 12 different square and rectangular sizes.  We piece them together into a pleasing, mossaic style design.  We also don’t iron anything on the backs of the t-shirts.  This ensures there are no additional waste scraps/products going to the land fill.  Your quilt’s going to be cuddly and soft, too.



 Phase Two: The second phase of our green effort is in the t-shirt scraps.  You can imagine that we have a lot of t-shirt scraps when cutting up to 200 t-shirts a week making t-shirt quilts!

After the printed parts are cut out, we recycle the sleeves as dust cloths, doggie-paw cleaners, or general use rags.  The lower half of the shirts, what I like to call t-shirt tails are useful, too.  Shari, at Creations Looming, picks up the t-shirt tails and turns them into rugs that she creates on her loom.  Her rugs are really great and she does custom orders in your favorite colors.  Of course, she also looms other fabrics and jeans, too.  Be sure to find her Creations Looming page on facebook.

Shari and I met at a craft fair and had booths next to each other.  She ordered a quilt for her son at Christmastime.  Since then we have discovered we have some things in common.  She raises chickens and my grandma raised chickens back in the 50’s.  I sent Shari this picture of my grandma and she agreed it is much the same today and that she uses a bucket with feed in it but no house dress or apron:)   The chickens run to her like the Pied Piper!

Shari thanked me for the last batch of t-shirt tails with 2 dozen farm fresh eggs.  Now that’s a deal!

We hope you are recyclers and use green practices in your daily living at work and at home.  Send back some of your favorite recycling habits.  We’d love to hear your comments.

Happy Recyling,

Cindy Swanson, Owner of Campus T Shirt Quilt.