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Keeping it Green

We’re Keeping it Green at Campus T Shirt Quilt! 

Phase One: Let me say that your decision to have a t-shirt quilt made is the first phase of our green effort.  You’re a recycler of t-shirts if you’re having a t-shirt quilt made.  You are repurposing those pesky t-shirts into a useful rememberance of happy times and great memories!

We cut out just the printed parts of your shirts so you’ll have a t-shirt quilt with evenly spaced designs.  Your printed designs float and center-up within the quilt templates.  We use custom sized quilt templates in about 12 different square and rectangular sizes.  We piece them together into a pleasing, mossaic style design.  We also don’t iron anything on the backs of the t-shirts.  This ensures there are no additional waste scraps/products going to the land fill.  Your quilt’s going to be cuddly and soft, too.



 Phase Two: The second phase of our green effort is in the t-shirt scraps.  You can imagine that we have a lot of t-shirt scraps when cutting up to 200 t-shirts a week making t-shirt quilts!

After the printed parts are cut out, we recycle the sleeves as dust cloths, doggie-paw cleaners, or general use rags.  The lower half of the shirts, what I like to call t-shirt tails are useful, too.  Shari, at Creations Looming, picks up the t-shirt tails and turns them into rugs that she creates on her loom.  Her rugs are really great and she does custom orders in your favorite colors.  Of course, she also looms other fabrics and jeans, too.  Be sure to find her Creations Looming page on facebook.

Shari and I met at a craft fair and had booths next to each other.  She ordered a quilt for her son at Christmastime.  Since then we have discovered we have some things in common.  She raises chickens and my grandma raised chickens back in the 50’s.  I sent Shari this picture of my grandma and she agreed it is much the same today and that she uses a bucket with feed in it but no house dress or apron:)   The chickens run to her like the Pied Piper!

Shari thanked me for the last batch of t-shirt tails with 2 dozen farm fresh eggs.  Now that’s a deal!

We hope you are recyclers and use green practices in your daily living at work and at home.  Send back some of your favorite recycling habits.  We’d love to hear your comments.

Happy Recyling,

Cindy Swanson, Owner of Campus T Shirt Quilt.

Graduation milestones and t-shirt quilts

Graduations are a great milestone to celebrate with family.  This great t-shirt quilt is celebrating graduation from dental school!  Included are t-shirts from high school sports, college sports, mission trips, and the ultimate goal of a dental school graduation.

Spring graduations are just around the corner and I’d love to create a super/fabulous, ultimate, memory gift for your graduate.

Bring your shirts to my house if you are local or ship them to me if you are out of town/state.  UPS shipping rates are reasonable to my door in Iowa from locations all over the country.

I’m looking forward to seeing your special collection of shirts.

Cindy Swanson, Owner.

T shirt Advise from 2012!

T shirt Advise from 2012!

Scroll down to view a few pieces of t shirt advise:)

Twenty Twelve was a ton of fun creating t shirt quilts and memory/legacy quilts for wonderful customers.  

I made just about 60 Campus T Shirt Quilts this year for graduations, birthdays,  family reunions, and Christmas.  There were sweatshirts from Japan, Semester at Sea t shirts, Wicked, Thomas the Train, Harry Potter, and favorite high school and college t-shirts. Overall, there were around 2400 t shirts, sashes, patches, and sweatshirts used in the quilts!

Shirts were shipped to us from about ten different states this year including New York, Tennessee, Virginia, Missouri, Illinois, Arizona.  Our Google Analytics tell us we have had at least one viewer from each of 47 different states!  I am amazed and so thankful for all of you!

Our goals for this year are 500 likes on facebook and 175 quilts!  Please help us by liking our facebook page, Campus Tshirt Quilts, and referring Campus T Shirt Quilts to your friends who have the desire to have a unique and special gift made this year.

We really hope these quilts will be used for tents over a card table, picnics, and snuggling on the couch!  They are completely washable –don’t forget to use your “Color Catchers” (found in the detergent aisle) in the detergent aisle.

Happy New Year and make 2013 one of your best!

Cindy Swanson, Owner

Every T Shirt Quilt has a Story!

Every T Shirt Quilt has a Story!

This young family from Virginia has a story to tell. There is a husband and wife who are now Mom and Dad with two adopted children ages 6 and 3 years old. They brought t-shirts together from each family member and now have a wonderful, family, t shirt quilt!

So, TEAM BEAN, enjoy your family keepsake! Campus T Shirt Quilt put your t shirt quilt together with love and prayers for you! The royal blue backing will make your Tshirt quilt “boy” friendly!

Merry Christmas 2012